Superintendents' Environmental Education Collaborative

Getting Started

Form a Team

One strategy for success in systemic integration of environmental education into your district curriculum is to form a leadership team that can identify the most appropriate places for EE to enhance learning and address standards.

Identify Partners

Community-based partners can be a valuable resource in the integration of environmental education into the curriculum. Whether providing in-the-field learning opportunities for students, standards-based curricula, or teacher professional development, partners play an important role in a rich and vibrant EE program.

Make a Plan

Developing a district-wide plan for integrating EE into the curriculum can help to establish appropriate curricular connections, coordinate partners, and ensure equitable access to EE for all students.

Find Funding

Funding can be key to expanding or replicating effect EE programs to reach more students. Several federal grant programs exist that support EE in both formal and nonformal settings. Some state agencies and private funders also provide support for EE.