Superintendents' Environmental Education Collaborative

Why Superintendents?

Why Superintendents?

A superintendent has the power to transform teaching and learning inside and out of the classroom. While environmental education (EE) is for all ages, over 55 million students are in school every day (according to the US Department of Education). With leadership and commitment from Superintendents across the United States to integrate EE into the classroom, many more students will experience the benefits from EE.

How can school districts advance environmental education?

  • Determine stakeholders and create an action team
  • Develop and implement an environmental literacy plan for the district
  • Support the development of state environmental literacy plans
  • Provide EE professional development for teachers
  • Apply for and receive funding for EE
  • Partner with EE providers
  • Provide field experiences for students and teachers
  • Evaluate progress

participating superintendents

Join the collaborative to learn about funding and grant opportunities, access resources from partners, and what other superintendents are doing in their districts.

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